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21 July 2017

My cats n I ....

Taking a walk early morning and evening has been my routine since 'the mild heart attack' episod last April ... its one of the doctor's order too.
Just a morning walk around our compound ... but am enjoying it because of these two loyal furry companions ... always there either; just looking, joining me, simply running around or spying on the birds and bees 😄;
Thanks guys!!!

The walking trail ... a few rounds
early morning and evening
PYO's favourite ... hide and seek ❤

Bambam's favourite ... lazing around unless
called, provoked or chased .... haha!!
Am increasing the number of rounds by the days ... also getting ready for my 'stress test' appoinment next month.
p.s. InsyaAllah everything will be fine.
(Doa, usaha dan selebihnya tawakkal)

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