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31 July 2015

The waiting ...

In between Ramadhan and Syawal 1434 H .... the mood to blog seemed to fade away
Though Mama did so many times logged into me blog ... alas Mama just ends up logging out of it again and again ... the ideas were there ... but putting them into words seems so hard ... the umphh just isn't there!!
The blog isn't alone ... when Raya was around the corner, biscuits making that was once the norm,
i.e. family favourites ... 'semperit', 'marmar carrie', 'cornflakes madu', and 'melting moments nestum'  that usually would be in their separates bottles by the end of Ramadhan ... 3 each at the most ... none were insight!! ... the oven was the happiest Mama presumed ...
Tho' Amar did request the simplest of the batch ... 'cornflakes madu' ... the sought after by all  'anak saudara' ... even that fail to make Raya appearance this year. Leaving many frustrated.
The reason ... the waiting, the anxiety, suspense of waiting for my full-term daughter to deliver her 1st newborn .. my 1st 'cucu'.
When the mind is unwilling ... the heart follows ... the body obeys ... WOW!!
The tension was sooo great that it outshone everything else ... 'puasa' and 'raya' take the backseat ...
Alhamdulillah ... on the morning of 14th Ramadhan 1434 H, my 1st grandson was born.
But ... mind you, being a grandma @ Nenek ... is a different mind game ... mind you
Ramadhan and Syawal after this ... will never be the same again.
There's sunshine even when it rains .... (^__^)

p.s. when Mama thoughts the stress is over with Mohamad Hilman's birth ... grandson no 2 ... at 35 weeks, gave us all a scare with false contraction before and after Raya. Naughty naughty no. 2 ... and Nenek is on alert again and forever praying for your safe and healthy delivery comes August ...
p.s.s. Ayah Su Amar did get his 'cornflakes madu' after all ... i.e. 3 days after Raya ... after promising that he and Ayah De Muaz ... will do all the baking processes themselves. Mama just prepared the basic ingredients. ... hehe.